PlyCounter User Guide

Note To Our Customers

Thank you for your feedback on the new PlyCounter 2. We are going to bring back the ‘point-and-point’ method to move pieces on the board, instead of the ‘drag-and-drop’ gesture in the current version.

A software update will be available soon.

The PlyCounter is an electronic chess scoresheet. It is approved by the US Chess Federation to record games during rated tournaments. Since the games are recorded digitally, the moves are available in PGN format immediately after the game is finished.

This user guide covers PlyCounter 2, which has a number of improvements and new features:

  • New touchscreen. Direct finger input. More robust and durable. No need to re-calibrate.
  • 2x longer battery life. Allows always-on screen usage during games. Accurate display of remaining battery.
  • New display with better screen contrast and brightness.
  • Improved date and time keeping, software and PlyCounter Desktop Application.

The initial version of the PlyCounter software has the basic functionality to record a game and browse previous games. It will soon be updated to support all the options currently available in PlyCounter 1 and more. Users can update the software on the PlyCounter using the PlyCounter Desktop Application. The application is available in the Downloads section of this site.

With the PlyCounter, moves are entered on the screen that displays the board and pieces. The algebraic notation of the last moves is displayed on the lower part of the board. Below is the Board screen with an active game.

Board with Active Game

The PlyCounter 2 allows direct finger input. For those users that might prefer using an stylus, one is included with the PlyCounter. The pieces are moved with a drag and drop gesture on the touch screen.

The complete game notation is available on the Notation screen. The time spent on each move is automatically recorded. The games are saved on the PlyCounter storage and can be transferred to a personal computer using a USB cable and the PlyCounter Desktop Application, available in the Downloads section of this site. The application also updates the software on the device whenever a new version is available.

The PlyCounter is charged through a USB cable connected to a personal computer or to a standard USB wall charger. It doesn’t need to be turned on in order to be charged. It will charge until the battery is fully charged, whether it is turned on or off. The micro USB connector is at the bottom of the PlyCounter.

USB Charging and Transfer

On the top side of the PlyCounter, there is the on/off switch. Sliding the switch to the right, powers the device on.

On-Off Switch

After switching on the PlyCounter, the display shows the Home screen. The first button on the home screen, labeled New Game, allows to start recording a new chess game. The next button, labeled Games, allows to browse previously recorded games stored in the PlyCounter. The third button, Settings, allows to enter user’s information.

Home Screen

When a game is being recorded, the Home screen allows to go back to the board to continue recording. The Games button is disabled and no access to previous games is possible until the game being recorded is ended. This is required to comply with USCF and FIDE requirements.

Home Screen

To start recording a game, press New Game and select the side that you will be playing:

Pick a Side

The Board screen is where the moves are recorded.


Moves are entered using a drag and drop gesture. First select the piece to be moved and while still pressing the touchscreen, drag the piece to the desired square. When pressing the touchscreen, the orange circle around the piece indicates that the piece is ready to be moved. In the board below, user presses the pawn in e2 and can move it to another square.


If the color of the circle is white or black, it indicates that there is no piece to move in that square, or that is not that color’s turn to move.

In the following board, user presses e4 square but there is no piece to move in that square and is white’s turn to move.


In the following board, user presses the white pawn on f2 square but is black’s turn to move.


To finish the recording the game, press on the Info icon on the left top corner Info Icon. The Game Info screen shows the game id, based on the date and time when the game started.

End Game

Pressing the End Game button, will allow to enter the result of the game and to end the recording.

End Game