Desktop Application

The PlyCounter Desktop Application is designed to manage the games on the PlyCounter. It also updates the software on the device whenever a new version is available.

The application is available in the Downloads section of this site. It runs on Windows 10 and on macOS X 10.11 and higher. A version for Linux will be available soon.

The screenshot below shows the list of games on the PlyCounter on the left. When selecting a game, the text area on the right shows the PGN notation of the game.

Desktop App

The buttons on the lower side of the screen operate on the selected game:

  • The Save button will save the selected game as a file on your computer, in PGN format.
  • The Copy button will copy the selected game to the clipboard, in PGN format, which can be then pasted on your preferred chess database software.
  • The Delete button will delete the selected game from the PlyCounter storage. Once confirmed, the delete action cannot be undone. Make sure the game has been saved first to your computer before deleting a game.